No more boring, stiff, or dispassionate presentations and videos.

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  • Organic Marketing Messages (so you don't sound scripted)



Company Marketing Videos

EKS&H, DefiningNEXT

Demo reel of three different types of marketing videos.  Using a unique interview process that is On-Camera and individualized for each participant, I  can bring out the most charismatic, authentic self that highlights the best assets of a company - it's people. The marketing message we create together is organic and not scripted or overproduced. Customers don't want slickness, they want honesty and trust.


Simple Talking Head Video

patricia stallworth, financial management

This style of video is the simplest and best for entrepreneurs who want to enhance their video footprint but don't have the budget of a large company. The location is usually in the most comfortable space for them, either their home or office. It's the least intimidating style of shooting, but uses the same process as the company marketing videos - individualized interview process, where the outcome is a message that's organic and doesn't come off as if a non-actor has memorized a script.


Actor Demo Reel

Jennifer Houlihan

I  also write, produce, direct, and cast actor demo reels for actors who are new to on-camera work.  

Speed Demo Reel 


Speed reel of a sampling of marketing videos, short films, experimental films, demo reels that I've produced, wrote, cast, came up with the concept, directed . . .