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"In the space of a few hours, Cathy will shine a bright light on your communication issues and provide constructive ways to resolve them. Don’t fear the unblinking eye of the camera. You will leave the studio a stronger person."  — BRENDAN BURKE, MANAGING DIRECTOR, CAPSTONE HEADWATERS MB

Sandy Chambers is a member of National Speakers Association of Georgia. She recently took my Charisma Coaching Workshop for Non-Actors, and here's what she thought of it.

The video where I put the camera on myself and go raw and real. Unfiltered. Unscripted #ThisIsMe

Join me for the next Charisma Coaching Workshop for Non-Actors, Tuesday, August 7th, 2018, 10:30am-1:30pm, in Sandy Springs.  Strictly limited to 4 participants. For more details, click here


My name is Cathy Reinking and I’ve had the great privilege of working with actors for most of my life as a Casting Director.   I’ve spent 24 years in the casting trenches (two Emmy-winning shows, Manager of Casting at NBC where I    helped cast the pilot for "The Office," shows and pilots with NBC, ABC, The CW, Fox, CBS) and learned so much about what makes us attracted to others. What is it about certain people that makes us want to listen and watch? To be emotionally moved to take action? To become connected? 

Being a good actor is not what you think.  Great actors don't put on "an act."  Rather, they reveal of themselves. The key to charisma is to know who you are and then reveal all of those qualities to everyone you meet.

My passion now is to help non-actors people reveal more of their natural charisma.  Corporate clients have included YPO, EKS&H (Accounting Firm), CapstoneHeadwaters MB (Financial), Women's Council of Realtors (Colorado Springs)


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"The idea of coaching your people to bring out their charisma -- their true, vulnerable, admirable human identity -- is unique to Cathy and she is uniquely great at it. God knows you can get some pretty charismatically challenged people in the financial world -- but Cathy can bring out the true and valuable "start qualities" in anyone. Big "Like"."
-- DAVE MANEY - Founder/CEO at Deke Digital and contributor at The Daily Beast and Fox Business News   Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Oh, and if you ARE an actor . . .

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